The use of transponder technology opens up undreamt-of possibilities for model railways. This technology has long ben established in everyday life and it is hard to imagine life without it. Transponders are also available as self adhesive paper or foil sticker in many dimensions. Our currently smallest transponder is 12x19mm large. So why not also use it for model railways?

The spectrum of applications for this unimaginably broad. Probably the most common case would be a correct identification of locomotives, wagons ore entire trains when passing a certain point on the model railway layout. This identification can be displayed, for example, in a track control panel, whether real or on a screen. This is particularly helpful for sections and plant components that are difficult or impossible to see, such as the fiddle yard. But not only a visual display is possible. Depending on the identification, various program sequences, train routes, sound playback, lighting, moving accessory mechanisms etc. are conceivable. There are hardly any limits to the imagination here. On this point we are only at the beginning!

In a first step, we have developed a device that can write and read suitable transponders with any four-digit number, the "TRACKSWITCH ID MANAGER 4000". Technically, this device would also be able to write much longer number chain on such a transponder. However, the display modul used in this context can unfortunately only display four digits. However, this means that 10000 (0000-9999) different identities, i.e. locomotives, wagons can be distinguished.

Of course you also need a reader to be able to read the transponders under the vehicles. This reader modul (4010) consists of two components: The antenna board and the electronic module. Logically, together they form a unit, which is connected with a supplied cable. The antenna board is 1,5mm thickan ca be mounted under the track. This is still possible even under a route board up to 6mm thick. However, the transponder itself should not exceed a maximum distance of 5mm from the top egde of rail.
The reader is designed for operation on the feedback bus from the Trackswitch control system. It can easily be connected like the feedback modules 1051 in a cain-shaped arrangement with feedback bus cable 8015...19. The modules are also supplied with the necessary power via this bus cable.
For users of other control systems or digital control centres in conjunction with PC controls, it is possible to connect the reader 4010 (or several) to an S88 bus using an adapter cable. Here, too, the power is supplied via the bus cable from the respective central unit.
And as already mentioned, direct operation, i.e. without any control panels or PC controls, it also possible with a display module 9086. Here you need a USB power supply 8040 with special cable 8031 for power supply. This display module is connected and also supplied with power using a further 8030 adapter cable. All necessary components are available from us.

border=0 And last but not least there is now the display module 9086. As already mentioned, ist has four digits and can easily be inserted in Digimoba track control panel system. Of course you can also use it without such a track control panel. The outer dimensions are 50x25mm.
Operation is possible both in the Trackswitch control system and without this directly with a 4010 reader module, as already described above.
In operation on the Trackswitchh feedback bus, the power is supplied via the bus cable.
For this innovation, the Trackswitch software has been extended by an aditional menue for defining links to the reader 4010 - display module 9086. Similar to the assignment of occupancy messages, a corresponding display module can be assigned to a reader module in the track control panel.
In a later extention of the software it is planned to trigger different actions (routes, lightings, sounds etc.) by defined transponder numbers. However, it is not possible at this stage to specify a time for this.
All Trackswitch centers that have been delivered so fare can be equipped with this new software free of charge, so that nothing stands in the way of using this technology. To update the software, the central module from Trackswitch must be sent to us.

Manual for download